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The Finer Points

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Retirement Accounts Galore | 16

401k-IRA-Roth-GOAT What does it all mean?! We break it down, make it sexy, and even share the secret to why low income years (from unemployment to stay-at-home parenting) might just be your new favourite thing. Whether you plan on normal retirement, early retirement, or a mix all your own, this episode has something for you. Types of Retirement Accounts There are a surprising number of different retirement accounts but it’s a lot easier to navigate which ones are right for you if you know the two main categories: Based On How They Are Taxed: Traditional Retirement Accounts Examples: 401k, IRA,

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Cryptocurrency & WTF is a Blockchain? | 15

Wondering why everyone is so damn hot & bothered over crypto lately? Should you jump on the trend or have you missed the crypto millionaire boat? Are NFTs designed for more than art? Join us as we fall down our favourite philosophical black hole of wondering “what even is money?” Skim the Show Notes below to explore: How do I invest in Crypto? What is a Blockchain, Smart Contract, and NFT? Cryptocurrency vs Fiat Currency Wait, some cryptocurrencies are more than just imaginary money? And they’re reshaping entire industries? Who controls our money system? What is a Blockchain? A ledger

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Snowpocalypse & Since | Coffee Date | 14

Guess who’s got a boyfriend & a new car! In this episode, we rave about buying cars with Carvana, Poshmark side hustles, whether or not it’s worth trying to keep up with the latest finance news, and our travel plans near & far as COVID vaccines start rolling out in United States. Coffee Date episodes are more casual, meandering conversations where we follow our whims and indulge in off-topic discussions. So take a stroll to your local café and bring us along for company!

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Gamestop ???????? | 12

The slightly drunk team talks about the soon-to-be-motion picture topic, GameStop. Find out who is a true believer in the movement, who is doubtful of the meme stock’s future, and what the fuck is going on with this mall retailer stock. How to understand what’s going on… Buying A Stock I think the price of Stock X is going to go UP. I buy Stock X for $10. The price goes up to $12. I sell the stock and keep the $2 profit. Shorting A Stock I think the price of Stock X is going to go DOWN. I find

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WTF Is An Index Fund? | 11

And why everyone is so damn Hot To Trot about them. We take it back to basics, expose the Dark Side of index fund investing, and even share a few indexes you probably haven’t heard of. What are Stocks and why do they increase in value? When a company wants to raise money to re-invest in growing their business, stocks are one way they can do that. They sell a piece of their company, a stock, in exchange for money that they can invest in growing their business. Tangible increase in value is typically due to company growth + currency

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Hindsight 2020 | 10

Highlights & lessons learned in 2020, how we’re moving forward & how we’re setting ourselves up for success in 2021. Plus, find out where VAGINANCE – THE BAND! might be performing during a meteor storm. Maybe we’re joking, maybe we’re not… even we’re not sure.

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Real Hourly Wage | 7

We share our Real Hourly Wages, why Jewels scrapped hers & what she calculated instead, and plan a post-pandemic field trip in honor of Becca… but you’ll never guess where. Assessing the Life Energy we’re exchanging for money… is it worth it? Taylor shines a light on the Opportunity Cost of choosing one job over another… or choosing to work more instead of taking time for everything else in our lives Maggie talks about the huge shift in her Quality of Life throughout her career and why she no longer lives like a Rock Star Jewels shares her 2020 Highlights

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