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We strongly believe that everyone would have better sex if we talked about sex, and everyone would have better finances if we talked about finances.

Join us as we:

  • stumble down different paths to financial independence
  • figure out just how little we were taught in school
  • justify each other’s frivolous purchases
  • laugh and commiserate over expensive mistakes
  • claw our way out of debt
  • pull the trigger on big investments
  • and explore the intersection of sex, money, life and more.
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The Ladies Behind The Mics

Becca Maggie Taylor & Jewels

We’re taking different paths to financial agency but we’re all motived by the same thing…. to ‘retire’ early TOGETHER so we have travel buddies! Because drinking fancy cocktails alone just isn’t as fun.

The Ladies Behind The Mics

Becca Maggie Taylor & Jewels

We’re taking different paths to financial agency but we’re all motived by the same thing…. to ‘retire’ early TOGETHER so we have travel buddies! Because drinking fancy cocktails alone just isn’t as fun.

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The Finer Points

Show Notes

Die With Zero | 32

Finally released almost a year after recording it, we promise this episode was worth the wait! We’re joined by special guest Megan as we explore pitfalls of dying with money in your bank account and why you shouldn’t wait until retirement to live out your dream life experiences. This book will either validate the wild and reckless decisions you’ve made or encourage you to save a little less and live a lot more.

Show Notes & Full Transcript »

Sexuality | 31

Maggie’s amazing fiancé Phil joins us to talk about sexuality, atypical identities, attraction vs arousal, why labels can empower some people and make others feel hemmed in and, in all things, the importance of open minds, communication and respect. Books from the episode:

Show Notes & Full Transcript »

Joint Finances & The Two Income Trap | 29

To combine finances or to run like hell in the opposite direction, that is the question. We share our own partnered money setups and then dive deep into the much lauded book The Two Income Trap by Elizabeth Warren & Amelia Warren Tyagi… some of us liked it, some of us hated it but we were all left wondering whether it’s even possible for two people to live on one income in the modern economy. Some Things Everyone Should Know About Divorce What marriage really is as far as the government is concerned… a financial contract with a state mandated

Show Notes & Full Transcript »

Peace Out 2021, Hello 2022 | 28

The Roaring 20s continue and 2021 had it all: gamestop, crypto, travel in the time of Covid, new jobs, relationships, investment accounts, properties, health insurance, life insurance, death paperwork, you name it. Listen in to find out our favourite splurges of the year, major milestones we tackled and what 2022 holds on the horizon. Favourite Splurges Aprés Delight CBD Intimacy Oil brought to you by Coalition Snow Taylor’s Chicken Coop Automatic Door Opener Ruggable Snake Rug Becca’s Favourite Airpod knockoffs Mountain Rings to replace Jewels’ lost wedding ring | Made By: Mackenzie Jones | Bought At: Made Local in Calgary

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Guess The Price: Death Edition | 27

Our gameshow is back! Featuring mummified catfish, glam vampire coffins and a golden casket gifted to Zsa Zsa Gabor… while she was still alive. – – – SPOILER ALERT – – – If you’re reading this in your podcast app: Visit the show notes on our website to see photos of the catfish mummy, vampire coffin and Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Golden Casket. – Egyptian Mummified Catfish Sold by Ancient Resource for $2,000 Glampire Toe Pincher Coffin Listed by Immortal Curio Company on Etsy for $7,400 24K Golden Casket Gifted To Zsa Zsa Gabor Retailed for $40,000

Show Notes & Full Transcript »

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