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Turnabout Is Fair Play | 35

VagGUYnance* in the house! You heard from us, now you get to hear what our partners thought of the Fair Play Deck experiment plus an update from Taylor & Joey on how it’s been going the past 6 months. In this episode, we discuss our partners’ experiences with the fair play deck for dividing household tasks. They emphasize open communication, personalized decks, clear communication, stand-up meetings, and support in a healthy partnership. *Maggie’s fiancée Phil is clearly not a ‘guy’ but she has allowed us to affectionately call all four of our partners Vaguynance because a clever play on words

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Fair Play Deck | 34

How do you and your partner divvy up everything that must be done? Are you living the utopian dream of equal partnership? We tested out the Fair Play Deck for this episode. Some of us liked it, some of us struggled with it, everyone had thoughts!

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