A Podcast for Those who crave deeper conversations about Money and Life in the new roaring 20s.

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Vaginance | Money & Life In The New Roaring 20s
Vaginance | Money & Life In The New Roaring 20s
The Ladies Of Vaginance: Maggie, Becca, Taylor & Jewels

For Those Who Crave Deeper Conversations About Money, Our Futures, And Life In The New Roaring 20s

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  • Finance Confessional: What the biggest money mistake you’ve ever made? Share the juicy details and save your fellow girlfriends! 
  • Back To School: What do you wish you knew about money, investing, or retirement?
  • ♪ This Girl Is On FIRE ♪ How are you working towards Financial Independence? What’s your biggest struggle? What strategies are you using to achieve your goal?
  • Girl Talk: What do you wish you could talk openly about with your girlfriends? What’s holding you back?
  • It’s Tough Out Here For A Lady: Tell us about your period horror stories, birth control/period/pleasure products of choice, childbearing trials & triumphs, modern dating & marriage, and anything else that defines your experience as a woman.
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