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Show Notes

Real Hourly Wage | 7

Episode Recorded On: December 7, 2020

We share our Real Hourly Wages, why Jewels scrapped hers & what she calculated instead, and plan a post-pandemic field trip in honor of Becca… but you’ll never guess where.

  • Assessing the Life Energy we’re exchanging for money… is it worth it?
  • Taylor shines a light on the Opportunity Cost of choosing one job over another… or choosing to work more instead of taking time for everything else in our lives
  • Maggie talks about the huge shift in her Quality of Life throughout her career and why she no longer lives like a Rock Star
  • Jewels shares her 2020 Highlights
  • You will never guess Becca’s favorite spending indulgence
  • The number one thing we’d all do if we didn’t have to work

And finally, a question for you dear listener:

Has what you order in restaurants changed as your career has evolved? Are you an entrée + water kind of gal or the full shebang five course diner? Tell us about it!

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