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Show Notes

Peace Out 2021, Hello 2022 | 28

Episode Recorded On: December 13, 2021

The Roaring 20s continue and 2021 had it all: gamestop, crypto, travel in the time of Covid, new jobs, relationships, investment accounts, properties, health insurance, life insurance, death paperwork, you name it. Listen in to find out our favourite splurges of the year, major milestones we tackled and what 2022 holds on the horizon.

Favourite Splurges

Aprés Delight CBD Intimacy Oil brought to you by Coalition Snow

Taylor’s Chicken Coop Automatic Door Opener

Ruggable Snake Rug

Becca’s Favourite Airpod knockoffs

Mountain Rings to replace Jewels’ lost wedding ring | Made By: Mackenzie Jones | Bought At: Made Local in Calgary

Plush & Cozy Sheepskins

Off & Out Camp

Maggie’s Super Cushy, Back Pain Free Nike Running Shoes

Class of 2021 Investments: Yearbook Style

Most Likely To Succeed

Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund

Tried and true and Taylor’s Top Performer for 2021.

Best Personality


Simply electric! This little number was by far and away the most fun stock pick of the year. What a rollercoaster ride! Relive the glory days and listen to Becca’s intro of our Gamestop episode to feel alive again.

Best Legs


When you fall in lust, fall hard. Yet to be seen whether this will be a classic story of unrequited love.

Most Dependable

Automatic 401k Contributions

Be like Maggie. Win today, win tomorrow, win forever. Get that money invested before it ever hits your bank account.

Best Dressed

Investment Property

From ugly duckling tear down to hip longterm rental, a true Princess Diaries makeover. So much work but oh so worth it.

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